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Email Editor Documentation
Email Editor Documentation

Chamaileon's embedded email design editor. Multi-user, simultaneous editing experience like Sketch & Google Docs combined

What is a dynamic image element?
What to do if I don't receive test emails from Chamaileon?
How to add a non-breaking space to the Chamaileon template?
What is dark mode and how to use dark mode preview?
How to add special characters in Chamaileon?
How do I import my HTML code to Chamaileon?
How to use brand variable modal?
How to add hover styling to a button
How to use the video element?
Email Editor UI changes 2021. 08.
How to add other Google fonts or custom fonts to my email(s)?
How do I change the bulletin color?
How to add a phone number to a link (button, text, image)?
How do I reorder columns on mobile?
How to add a new block?
How to change multicolumn spacing?
How to change column stacking?
Do you have stock photos available in the gallery?
How to adjust text spacing?
How to change the subject line/preview text of my email template in Chamaileon?
How to bring multicolumn elements closer to each other?
How to ''reposition'' an element?
How to request a review/approval?
How can I wrap text around an image?
How do I create a transparent divider?
How to change an email template language?
How to set the Gmail promotions feature?
Chamaileons' Email Editor
How do advanced elements work?
How do I make my background images to fit the box?
How to set a background image of a box in Chamaileon?
How do I add a vertical line to my email template?
How to prevent Gmail to display a download icon on the images?
How to save my email as a template?
What is real-time editing and how it works?
How to change the email's width?
How to add view this email in the browser link?
How to left-align my template?
How to use the social media icons element?
How to use custom code element in the editor?
How to adjust the top/bottom/left/right padding and margin?
How does block-locking work?
How to change the background of the block?
How to use blocks?
What does fluid on mobile feature do?
What are the common discrepancies that might occur when using the importing function in Chamaileon?
What does ''lock width'' feature do?
How to add border color to a text box?
Different email content order on mobile and desktop
How do I create an unsubscribe link in the text?
How to use the photo editor?
How do I add a text over an image/image under text?
How to use the shared image library?
How do I make round corners on the box?
How do I use show on mobile/desktop feature?
What should I do if background images in my email template are not showing up in Outlook?
How to create an email signature in Chamaileon?
How to save a template as a (PDF) document?
How to add a survey to an email?
How do I add a simple data table to an email?
What should I do if I am not receiving a test email?
I am unable to save a template, what should I do?
How do I link to an email address?
How to turn 4 columns on desktop to 2 - 2 columns on mobile?
How do I send a test email?
What is a "Box"?
How do I add an email address as a link to a button?
How do I add an animated GIF to an email?
How can I resize images?
What should I do if I encounter a bug?
How to use basic content elements - text, image, button
What are rows and columns?
What is the email ‘’body’’?
How do I add a (URL) link to an image?
How do I add a link to a button?
How do I change a column’s width?
How do I change the background color of boxes in pre-defined templates?
How do I change the background of the email?
How do I delete or add a column in a box?
How do I add/change text spacing?
Where will the images uploaded in Chamaileon be stored?
How do I add an image?
How do I insert a link in text?
How do I add a countdown timer?
What to do if buttons are doubled in my email template or campaign?