Have you ever wondered why Gmail displays a download icon on the images?

Indeed, it won't look good when your subscribers open it.

To prevent this, you can:

2. Set images as background images.

Click on the image where you want to add a link and then turn on the link switch.

In the URL field, paste the link. When a subscriber clicks that link, it will navigate him to that website.

Here is how the image looks like now in Gmail.

2. Set images as background images

First, you should add a box to your email.

Turn on the background image switch.

Click ''Change''.

And here is your background image.

Make sure to add a text box to it, and delete the text if it's not necessary for your email otherwise the background content won't be shown. To be shown, it has to have content inside.

If the background image is too large, you can check this article to see how to fit your image in a box.

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