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Email Editor UI changes 2021. 08.
Email Editor UI changes 2021. 08.

This UI/UX change brings zoomed view and hideable sidebars to the email template editor.

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Chamaileon's email editor hadn't change visually since 2019 when the real-time collaboration was introduced.

We are proud to introduce you to this small UI change that focuses on the viewing/editing experience inside the email editor interface.

What are the key changes?

Watch it in a 1,5-minute video:

  1. Zoomed view

    By zooming in up to 200% your email's content enlive your screen. It makes it much easier to drag-and-drop email elements to their right place or to select the right box/column/element.

    Pic. 1.: Email editor zoomed-in, sidebars closed

    Zooming out reveals more out of your email you can check how it looks from a further perspective.

Chamaileon email editor zoomed out

Pic. 2.: Email editor zoomed-out, sidebars open

2. Re-designed sidebars

The sidebars took too much space on smaller screens according to our customers so we decided to re-design them.

The left sidebar is smaller now and it has a vertical item layout as you can see on the image above (Pic 2.)

Now there is more room for your pre-designed blocks, with this layout we made it easier to find the right block for email campaigns.

The right sidebar is lighter also. It can be hidden by switching the "Details" button on the right.

3. Content input highlighted for frequent edits

Some of the content input fields are no longer in the sidebar but we are sure you'll find those quickly. It's on the middle-top of the screen, just above the email design.

Some of the controls changed, making frequent edits like adding an image URL or button link easier to find and handle.

Pic. 3.: Changed image and button input fields

+1. The email canvas is centered. Always.

We had some feedback, that the email canvas sometimes goes sideways on smaller screens, so we fixed it on the center. You can scroll it to left or right to see its details but go back to the center when zooming in/out again. It's really handy on 200% zoom!

These little changes can reduce time spent on editing email content a lot, which we hope our customers will enjoy.

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