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How do I add a vertical line to my email template?
How do I add a vertical line to my email template?

Learn how to add a vertical line to your email template

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In this article, I will show you how you can add the vertical like using a box a column element.

Firstly, drag the box element to your email.

Then add a text element to it.

You can delete the default text and click on the ''Box'' in the breadcrumbs. On the right side, in the toolbox, under ''Border'', click ''Separate'' and add the right or left border px number to the border of your box.

You can also change the color or the style of your border.

And there you will see vertical lines!

You can move them by clicking on ''Box'' again in the breadcrumbs and then under ''Margins'' you can add left, right, bottom or top margin.

You can also add vertical line by using a column. Drag and drop the column element to your email.

I will use text elements in this example to add them to the column.

You can delete the text and add a border on the left or right column of your choice by first clicking the ''Box'' element in the breadcrumbs and then adjusting the border in the toolbox on the right.

And there you go another vertical line!

Let us know if you have any more questions!

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