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How do I add a countdown timer?
How do I add a countdown timer?

Learn how to add a countdown timer in Chamaileon

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There are several free, third-party countdown timer generators you can use to create a countdown timer. They don't require any coding knowledge and are very quick and easy to use.

Sendtric is a great tool for creating email countdown timer GIFs. You don't have to register, and even the free version allows you to create GIFs without a watermark or logo.

To create a countdown timer with Sendtric, follow these steps:

Step 1. Add your email address in Sendtric

Step 2. Choose the time zone

Step 2. Choose the date of the offer

Step 3. Choose the default language

Step 4. Choose the design, color

Step 5. Create code snippet

Step 6. Add an image in Chamaileon, double click on it, and choose the upload from URL option. Paste the image URL from the code snippet there and make it URL only.

We made a video tutorial with the same steps:

If you are not using Chamaileons' email editor yet, you can register and add your countdown timer easily here for free.

Not every email client supports GIFs fully. Some only display the first frame of the GIF.ย 

Nevertheless, this single static image shows the actual status as well. This image is the fallback image. Just like in the case of web fonts, you need a backup plan so you won't miss the chance to promote your business due to technical bugs.

Here is a list of email clients that support countdown timers:

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