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How does block-locking work?
How does block-locking work?

Learn how does block-locking work in Chamaileon

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From now, you can lock your blocks in Chamaileon.

This feature will help you have full control over your email templates.

Who can unlock and edit locked blocks?

You can set a lock on any block if you click on it (not on an element inside the block but on the block).

You will find the lock settings in the toolbox on the right.

There are two kinds of locks that are available:

  1. Locked Design (only texts, images and URLs can be edited inside the block, design-related settings are disabled)

2. Locked Design & Content (everything is locked).

Editors, Admins, and the Owner can change the lock on a block.

There's a new role called Contributor which has equal rights to the Editor except for the member with this role can't lock or unlock blocks.

Note that if you save a locked block and drag & drop it in another email, the lock will still be active on it inside the new email.

Here is an additional short tutorial:


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