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How to use the video element?
How to use the video element?

The video element helps you to insert external videos into your email content without the hassle.

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By placing the video element into your email design you can add videos from external sources into your email. A thumbnail for the video appears automatically and it gets a play button style overlay.

Sources available right now: Youtube, Publicly accessible video from Vimeo.

The video element works better than an image thumbnail with a link behind it because it’s easier to insert and it has all the requirements in the HTML email code as well.


You can simply drag the video element to anywhere in your email design. It works the same as the image element.

You need to specify an URL for your video, and an alternative text. The latter will show when the external resource isn’t loaded.

Styling options

You have some styling options for the play-button overlay:

  • icon type (shape)

  • icon color

  • icon size

While you can style the video element just like an image:

  • size (width)

  • alignment (left, right, center)

  • paddings

  • margins

  • borders (radius too)

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