Social Icons element

You can add a beautiful, pre-designed, and easily customized social icon section to your email. The icons of 1-16 most popular social platforms are automatically sized and placed (the space between them is always distributed evenly) and the whole element is automatically fully responsive.

There is a default setting and beyond that so much complexity you can access:

  • Layout: horizontal, vertical

  • Align: left, center, right

  • Style: flat, circled, circle-background, rounded-background, square-background

  • Color scheme: colorful (original colors of the social media brands), white, gray, black

  • Order: by changing the social platform in the dropdown menu of each social icon placeholder

  • Size: S (24x24), M (32x32), L (40x40), XL (48x48) pixel sizes

  • Icon Spacing: Change the space between the icons. When you set up a larger space between the height of the icons the line-height of the icon set will increase.

Drag and drop the social media element to your email.

There is a set of 16 social elements. You can scroll down for more.

You can add a new icon by choosing one of the options from the list and it will be added automatically.

Feel free to send a message via chat or email for any questions or help!

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