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What is dark mode and how to use dark mode preview?
What is dark mode and how to use dark mode preview?

Lean more about how to use dark mode preview in Chamaileon

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Dark mode also called black mode or light-on-dark mode is a setting in which text and visuals are presented in a light-colored scheme on a dark (usually black) background.

Email clients support dark mode:

More and more email clients are supporting dark mode in emails:

  • Desktop email clients

    • Apple mail

    • Outlook 2019 (Mac OS and Windows)

  • Mobile apps

    • Gmail (Android, app iOS 13, iOS)

    • Outlook (Mac OS, Windows 10, app iOS 13)

    • Apple mail (Mac OS, iOS 13)

  • Web email clients


    • Orange webmail

Besides our normal preview mode, we provide a dark mode as well to let our customers check their emails how they will look like in Outlook’s dark mode implementation.

You can switch from the normal preview mode to the dark mode by clicking the Light mode button in the top right-hand corner and selecting Dark mode (Outlook) from the dropdown list.

Dark mode mobile preview

Light mode desktop preview

This is what your email would look like in dark mode.

We have a tutorial on how to design emails in dark mode here.

Here you can read more about the dark mode feature.

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