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How to use custom code element in the editor?
How to use custom code element in the editor?

Learn how to use social media and custom code elements in the editor

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Custom code editing element

With adding the custom HTML code to your email design, you will be able to add countdown timer faster and custom tags that are required for dynamic content to work in marketing automation tools and Email Service Providers.

You can find these new features in your elements tab in the left panel of your email editor. You can change the settings in the toolbox, on the right side of your email editor.

Drag and drop the code element to your email and click ''edit'' in the toolbox on the right side of your email.

IMPORTANT: The HTML code that you paste in won't render visually in the email builder interface but will be visible once you send out a test email. Please always test your email thoroughly if you use the Code element with any 3rd-party code.

NOTE: Due to a technical limitation, you won't be able to drag-and-drop anything around the code element, just to neighboring elements. So we advise you to create your expected structure and add the code element lastly when the rest is done.

Feel free to send us a message via chat or email for questions!

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