1. Changing fonts in Chamaileon

Here is how you can change your fonts in Chamileon:

Click on the text in your email editor where you want to change your fonts and then click on the drop-down arrow where you will see all the available web-safe fonts.

2. Adding custom fonts in Chamaileon 

We don't have this feature yet because custom fonts are not supported in many email clients, but we are working on it. Meanwhile, you can use this workaround. If you want to have custom fonts in Chamaileon you will have to use an external tool since this option is not available in Chamaileon yet and add it as an image.

Here are the steps on how to add an image with custom fonts to Chamaileon:

  1. Go to a free tool where you can create an image to have many different fonts.

  2. Add your text and change its size or color. You can also change the background.

3. Choose your font.

4. Now when you have the fonts changed, you can take a screenshot, crop the image and add it to Chamaileon like that or you can download the image from Canva and add it to Chamaileon and then crop it there. I am going to show you the second option but I recommend the first one because it's faster.

5. Add an image element and double click on it to add the image that you previously downloaded from Canva here.

6.  Click to edit the image after you upload the image to the gallery in Chamaileon to remove the unnecessary blank space around the text.

7. Use the the cropping tool and click ''export''.

We have an article where you can learn more about how to choose the best fonts for your email design here.

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