How to use blocks?

Learn how to speed up email production process with blocks, that is a module (row) of email design and help you create new campaigns quickly

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You don't need to recreate your email from scratch or delete everything from your templates to create another email with the sections that you want to use.

With this new feature, you'll be able to save your most commonly used sections in an email, such as:

Company logo block:

→ Every email has to have a company logo; that's how your subscribers recognize who the email is from.

Call to action (CTA buttons)

→ Probably you use just one or two call to action buttons in your email, and using saved blocks will save you the time of recreating them over and over again.

Signature block

→ Signatures are frequently used in an email and you definitely don't want to recreate those each time.

Social media block

→ You need to promote your brand on social media as well, and it's not easy to add all those social icons and links again and again. 

Unsubscribe block

→ By CAN-SPAM law, all emails need to have the unsubscribe section where you need to include your company information.

Here is how to use blocks:

  1. Select the block that you want to reuse

2. Click ''Save Block''

2. Choose where you want to save it. You can save them in your Email's blocks (so you will see those blocks only in the current email), your Folder's blocks (you will be able to access those blocks only from the Folder where you saved them) or your Workspace which means you can access them when creating any email in the given Workspace.

3. When you are creating a new email (or your colleague from the same Workspace) you can reuse those blocks by clicking on Blocks.

You can see your saved sections in your Blocks next to the main elements on the left side of your editor. Choose where you saved your block. If you saved it under a specific folder previously, you can access that block only when creating an email from that folder and then by clicking Blocks, and choosing the folders' blocks.

If you saved the block under ''Workspace blocks'' you will access that block when creating any email in any folder in the Workspace and then choosing ''Workpace blocks''

4. Drag and drop the block into the ''New block''.

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