What are rows and columns?

Learn what are what are rows and columns

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Most email templates contain rows (red) and columns (blue) to organize content elements, like images and text.

If you want to put an image and text, or simply two text blocks next to each other, you will need to add "columns" to your template and then add your content elements (like image or text) into the columns.

In Chamaileon, all of your building blocks are separate rows in the email template. These rows β€” aka "Full-width element" β€” have the following properties:

  • One or two cells - You can divide your full-width element in half and give distinct backgrounds to both sides.

  • Background color

  • Background image (coming soon)

  • Mobile display settings - You can hide the whole row in the mobile version of your email template.

Note: Email builders give different levels of control over the properties of "rows".

Most of the so-called "single column" email templates actually contain multiple columns. Let's see an example from MailChimp's email editor.

Although the main content area has one column, both the pre-header and footer icons include multiple columns.

The MailChimp editor doesn't gives you sophisticated control over columns or rows, but rather it offers built-in elements, like the "Social Share or Follow" elements, which automatically create the required multi-column structure.

In the Layout editor of Chamaileon, you have complete control over the following properties of columns:

  • No. of columns (max 5 in one structure, but you can embed multiple elements into each other)

  • Pixel-perfect width settings

  • Mobile display settings - To configure if you want your columns to be visible on mobile and even if you want them to reorder to a single column.

  • These settings provide you with the flexibility to create most email designs with Chamaileon without writing a single line of code.

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