Adding ''View this email in your browser'' link depends on your Email Service Providers tags.

For example, in Mailchimp, the tag is *|ARCHIVE|*. It means you will add this text as a link into your ''View this email in your browser'' text. Each ESP has different tags so you will need to check this with your Email Service Provider.

Here is how to do it in Mailchimp.

  1. Add a text ''View this email in your browser'' to your email.

2. Double click on the text and click on the hyperlink icon.

3. Add the tag text into the URL accordingly and change the protocol to ''Other''.

4. Export the HTML template from Chamaileon and import to your ESP.

Here is the view in browser version when clicking on the ''View this email on your browser'' in Mailchimp.

If you need any help in adding the tag, please contact us via chat!

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