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Exporting/Syncing Emails
How do I export or sync an email?
How do I export or sync an email?

Learn how to export your emails with Chamaileon

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When you hover over an email you have created, an “Export or Sync” button appears.

Depending on your email service provider you will use Sync option or Export (Download ZIP or Copy HTML).

  • Sync (if we have an integration with your Email Service provider)

  • HTML (manually import HTML to your Email Service Provider- not recommended)

Also, you can export or sync from the email editor when clicking the ''Export'' button.

Here is a short and quick video tutorial on how to do this from the email card:

Below you will find a step-by-step tutorial.


You can check if we have an integration with your Email Service Provider and then you can choose the Sync option.

You can check if we have integration by clicking the ''More'' button.

If we have it, then you can choose an existing integration.

Or set up a new one here:

As an example, I choose Mailchimp. Here you will need to name your Mailchimp integration.

And then Log in to Mailchimp.

Then, type in your Mailchimp username and password and click ''Log in''.

Once you have done that, add the list where you want your template to appear

in Mailchimp.

Then go back to the previous setting.

Add email subject line and preview text.

Here you can also set up ''advanced settings'' such as:

  • email language,

  • Gmail promotion card,

  • Outlook-friendly background images,

  • fully-clickable buttons,

  • improved accessibility,

  • and encode URL-s.

When you have set up all of those (or you do not need to) then you can go ahead, and click the ''Sync'' button.

Next, go to your email service provider where you have synced your email, and your email template will appear there.

And it's ready to be sent out!


If your email is not on the list of our integration partners, then you can manually copy-paste the HTML code to your email service provider.

Then click the export button. You can choose to ''Copy it to clipboard''.

The HTML will be copied to your clipboard and then you can paste it into your ESP.

For more instructions, you can check this article about pasting the HTML manually.

Or you can also choose ''Download code'' and then you will receive the HTML file in your folder.

The last option you can choose is ''Download email and assets zipped''.

When you click this, a file with the assets in ZIP form will be downloaded to your PC and then you can import it to your email service provider.

Let us know via chat or email if you have more questions about this.

Need more help on how to paste it to your email service provider?

Here is an article on what you should do when you sync, copy the HTML code or when you download as ZIP.

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