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How do I import an email from Chamaileon to Mailchimp?
How do I import an email from Chamaileon to Mailchimp?

Learn how to import an email from Chamaileon to Mailchimp

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To import Chamaileon templates to Mailchimp, you can:

1. Use the ''Sync to'' option (recommended)

It will automatically import your template from Chamaileon to Mailchimp. We definitely recommend using the ''Sync option''.

Firstly, you will need to integrate your Mailchimp account with Chamaileon.

Find Mailchimp by clicking the ''More'' button.

Choose Mailchimp.

Here you will need to name your Mailchimp integration.

And then Log in to Mailchimp.

Then, type in your Mailchimp username and password and click ''Log in''.

Once you have done that, add the list where you want your template to appear

in Mailchimp.

Then go back to the previous setting.

Add email subject line and preview text.

Here you can also set up ''advanced settings'' such as:

  • email language,

  • Gmail promotion card,

  • Outlook-friendly background images,

  • fully-clickable buttons,

  • improved accessibility,

  • and encode URL-s.

When you have set up all of those (or you do not need to) then you can go ahead, and click the ''Sync'' button.

Next, go to your email service provider where you have synced your email, and your email template will appear there.

And it's ready to be sent out!

2. Use API 

Firstly, you will need to integrate your Mailchimp account with Chamaileon.

We've created a tutorial video which you can see here with the screenshots below.

Go to ''Integrations'' in the workspace menu and choose Mailchimp.

Name your integration and paste the API key that you copied from your Mailchimp account.

In Mailchimp menu click ''Account'.

Then click on ''Extras'' and then ''API keys''.

Click ''Create a key''.

Copy the generate API key code and paste to Chamaileon in the ''Integerations''.

Test and save your integration.

Go to Chamaileon dashboard and click ''Sync to'' on the email which you want to Sync.

Choose ''Mailchimp integration'' from the list and add the (audience) list name.

Note when using Mailchimp integration:

Never edit the code in Mailchimp, because your editor will mess up the code and will double or even triple the size causing issues in Gmail. If you want to edit a design you should do it in Chamaileon by duplicating the email, editing it and then using ''Sync option''. 

Please note that sometimes the preview of the email in Mailchimp might not look as expected so use test email in Mailchimp to review the email that you pasted from Chamaileon.

Go back to Mailchimp, send a test email from there, and send it out.

3. Manually copy-paste the HTML code

NOTE: Please do NOT use this option, unless you really need to because the code will become 2-3x bigger in MailChimp this way and your emails will most likely be clipped in Gmail.

If you still decided to manually copy-paste the HTML code, here is what you need to do.

Log into your MailChimp account. From the dashboard, click on “New campaign” in the top-left. When you set up the subject line and other, on the ''Content'' part click “Code your own”.

You should choose the option to “Paste in code”, and use HTML that you have copied from Chamaileon. (See “How do I export an email?”) MailChimp’s “Import from zip” option does not work well with Chamaileon emails, as MailChimp modifies essential parts of the code during the import.

Then click the export button. You can choose to ''Copy it to clipboard''.

The HTML will be copied to your clipboard and then you can paste it to Mailchimp.

For more instructions, you can check this article about pasting the HTML manually.

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