What is Chamaileon?

How Chamaileon works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different from other similar tools.

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Chamaileon helps you and your colleagues to create mobile-friendly email designs at scale, without writing a single line of HTML code. 

In this article you will find:

How can you use Chamaileon

You can use Chamaileon both as a single user, and you can also create an organization where you can invite additional members, create teams and work together collaboratively with your colleagues. 

How to create emails

You can create high-quality responsive HTML emails that will work like a charm in most email clients.

  • Create an email from scratch - Ideal design option for those who have some experience with other email builders and have a natural sense for email design in general. 

  • Import HTML - You can import your existing email templates to Chamaileon, no matter if they are from another system or were custom coded by a freelancer or agency for you.

    Chamaileon will translate your email code to it's own language and will transform it into a bulletproof responsive email automatically.

    The HTML import is a really complex process and not 100% perfect yet, so in most cases you'll need to use the Design mode to tweak your imported email template. 

  • Select from workspace templates: when you have published your email as a template from the email card you can access it in your workspace templates.

  • Use the built-in templates for free - In order to help users getting started and to provide them inspiration we built a series of free email templates than any Chamaileon user and organization can use without limitations.

    We plan to continuously extend the library of free email templates over time, so you can expect to see new email templates in our collection from time to time.

Export bulletproof responsive email HTML code

You can export any email or campaign from Chamaileon and import it to your mass email sending solution. You can do it in three ways:

  • Synch to an ESP- At the moment we have many one-click integrations in place, and we plan to add more selected ESPs in the future. Please feel free to provide us feedback about what ESP would you like Chamaileon to be integrated with.

  • Copy-paste the HTML from Chamaileon to any other system. In this case the images will be hosted on our CDN. We don't charge for image hosting at the moment, but later we plan to introduce a bandwidth based charge: $0.10/GB bandwidth/month.

  • Download HTML in a ZIP file.  In case you choose the ZIP export option both the HTML and the images will be included in the ZIP file. 

You'll be able to import this ZIP file to many - but not every - mass email sending solutions that will upload the images to their servers automatically during the import process. In this case no bandwidth based charges will apply since the images will be hosted elsewhere, not on our infrastructure.

When using the ZIP export function you can also host the images on your own servers, and replace the image URLs in the exported HTML to match your host URL. It requires the modification of the exported HTML though. In case you choose this option, please make sure that you only modify image URLs and keep other parts of the HTML intact since even minor modifications can have a huge impact on email client compatibility.

What are Chamaileons' advanced email design features

Chamaileon has advanced email design features that will help you create email faster.

Some of these features are:

  • Content management- You can store your emails into different folders. It will help you be more organized. Especially if you are using different Email Service Providers or have multiple clients. If you are working in teams, you can create folders with your team members and only work on those designs together.

  • Blocks- You don't need to recreate your email from scratch or delete everything from your templates to create another email with the sections that you want to use. With this feature, you can save your most commonly used sections in an email

  • Import HTML- Import previously designed and used templates and redesign them with the flexible editor.

  • User collaboration- If there are multiple people in your company involved in your email design production process (copywriting, designing, proofreading, reviewing/approving), you can invite them to collaborate together. It's faster and easier if you have real-time updates on the email creation.

  • Import HTML- You can import previously designed and used the template to Chamaileon and design it. Chamaileon will make it bulletproof in code.

  • Reorder on mobile- If your elements are in a different order on mobile and desktop and you want them to be in the same order on both.

  • Fluid on mobile- This means that the given image will be stretched to the full width of the mobile screen. It appears for images that are wider than 240 px, but are scaled down below the 240 px limit. For example: If you upload a big logo.png, but you resize it to 200px in the editor with the image slider, the fluid on the mobile switch will show up. When it is switched to "ON", your logo.png will be stretched to the full width of the mobile screen; if it's "OFF", it will stay 200px wide.

  • Element visibility- If you want to hide certain boxes, text, or images on mobile or desktop, you can use our hide on mobile/desktop features. You can click on the element that you want to hide, and go to Element Visibility.

  • Lock column width- It means that you won't be able to resize the given column in the editor unless you use the equalize function or remove the lock. It's useful when it's really important to keep a certain column at a fixed width while editing. When the lock is on, the proportions are locked, not the exact pixel size. So if you move the whole multi-column into a different, narrower location inside the email, even the locked column will resize proportionally.

  • Code element- With adding the custom HTML code to your email design, you will be able to add countdown timer faster and custom tags that are required for dynamic content to work in marketing automation tools and Email Service Providers.

  • Bulletproof HTML- Our code previews well in many email clients. You can check our compatibility list here.

  • Change email width- You can change your emails' width.

What additional services does Chamaileon provide?

  • Send test emails to colleagues or stakeholders- you can preview how your template looks like before sending it out

  • Creating custom templates- you can give us the details of how you want the template to look like

Who uses Chamaileon?

  • Freelance email designers/developers who want to create compelling email designs with less effort.

  • Marketing agencies who want to shorten the production cycle and feedback rounds of any email design project they are involved in.

  • Businesses that are looking for a more sophisticated email design software than what their email or marketing automation platform provides.

  • Medium and large organizations that aim to help the marketing, the design teams, and the management to work together more efficiently using the very same platform for both design, content management, and approvals.

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