In this article, we will teach you about some discrepancies that might occur if you use the importing function in Chamaileon. 

It is a function that you might use if you import your own external HTML email code to Chamaileon and want to edit it in there.

Please note that the importing function in Chamaileon is under development and that is the reason why you might find some discrepancies in the design.

To help you prevent these discrepancies from occurring, here is the list of them:

1. The button is not recognized

The buttons are not recognized as buttons, they appear as text with background color and border in imported emails.

2. Body/box/column background color/image

The importer misinterprets the location of some backgrounds. It doesn't know that the background is on the box/column/body etc, element exactly. The rendering affected by the misinterpreted background placement in various email clients (mostly outlooks).

3. Extra boxes disappear

Some of the boxes (tables) are not imported to Chamaileon from the original email structure causing rendering issues or less editable parts.

If you find more discrepancies please email us to or contact via chat!

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