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Why my email templates look messed up when forwarded?
Why my email templates look messed up when forwarded?

Learn why your emails templates look messed up when forwarded and how to prevent this issue

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Members of the marketing department tend to forward emails to their managers and reviewers so they can make the final approval on the email before it’s sent out to the audience.

We don’t recommend this practice because forwarding an email can mess up the HTML code of the email. It can create many issues such as break the columns, buttons, add extra paddings and margins to it, and cause alignment issues.

It depends on which email client you are using. When you forward an email, they add certain elements to the HTML code or strip them out. Also, different email clients render emails in different ways.

Here is an article on related topics about the most common rendering issues in certain email clients.

What can you do:

  • Use the share link feature 

  • Send a test email

You can share email templates with your clients or colleagues without having to export or import the template's HTML code.

In your Chamaileon dashboard, you will see the ''Share'' option. Click on ''Share'' and copy the URL that was provided to you.

You can also share a template in the ''View'' mode.

Switch on the ''Enable sharable link'' switch.

Copy the ''Share URL'' and send it to your colleague or client.

You can read more about this feature here.

Send a test email 

A good practice is to send a test email from Chamaileon directly to your manager or/and reviewer. 

In the Chamaileon email editor or when hovering over the email card, click ''Share'' and then click send a test email in the upper right corner. 

Input the email address where you want to send a test email and check your inbox. 

If the email address of the test recipient is not a Chamaileon user, he or she will first get a confirmation to accept test emails from Chamaileon.

Then click ''Send test email''.

Let us know if you have more questions!

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