To use this ''advanced integration'', you need to have a paid account.

First, you need to integrate Chamaileon with Mailgun.

To do this, you need go to your workspace settings in Chamaileon and under ''Integrations'' click ''Mailgun''.

Name your Mailgun integration and add an API key. To get the API key you have to go to your Mailgun account and grab the API.

When you are in your Mailgun account, under ''Settings'', go to ''API Keys''.

View the key and copy it.

Paste it to Chamaileon and click ''Save''.

When you go back to your email dashboard in Chamaileon, find the email that you want to sync, and when hovering over the email that you want to sync, click ''Sync to''.

Choose your Mailgun integration from the list, add a subject line, preview text, choose the domain, name it, and click ''Sync Now''.

In Mailgun, go to ''Sending'', then ''Templates'' and there you will see the template that you synced.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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