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Flexible Subscription Plan that Scales Up with Your Business
Flexible Subscription Plan that Scales Up with Your Business

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In our efforts to become a collaborative email builder platform, we decided to get a makeover.

Instead of passing as another basic newsletter editor, our goal is to help agile teams optimize their email production process by providing them with a virtual workspace where they can collaborate on email assets efficiently.

With that in mind, and with the support of our most loyal clients, we bundled features & services in this software update, most notably:

Email design system setup and documentation

The fastest way to create email campaigns in an agile way is when your team can create new designs from existing patterns or modules. Modules in Chamaileon are called blocks.

You can set up your brand's pre-defined modules and brand variables for yourself but we offer free email design system setup and documentation service done by Chamaileon email experts.

Note: Creating an email-specific design system in 2022 priced from $2000-$4000, so it's a great offer. We do this be we aim to disrupt the email industry and want to spread no-code email creation as much as we can.

Work together with the help of user roles and permissions

Maintain your team structure inside the Chamaileon workspace by inviting users and customizing their roles & permissions (viewer, editor, or admin) according to their position in the team.

Protect your company's privacy by restricting user access to specific folders (projects? locations? groups?), and controlling what they can do and see inside your workspace.

When enabled, the User Roles & Permissions selected for each user are also applied in the Asset Gallery.

Real-time design collaboration

Multiple users can edit the same email template, at the same time, just like in Google Docs. This will help you cut down your email production time and include all team members with no mess.

We updated the email editor UI to meet the needs of real-time collaboration and also made it easy-to-use to non-design contributors: content changes (texts, images, links, etc) can be made without touching or even seeing the design toolbars.

Review and approval workflow

With the help of user roles and access permissions, an enterprise-grade review system can be set in place.

The review and approval screen has a separate UI from the email design editor so stakeholders don't need to learn to operate the email design editor interface.

With the help of the approval/reject, and comments function the whole team can be sure of what is approved and what is not.

Pricing Details

We are working hard to perfect our software, making email design work fun again, and creating a smooth experience for all users.

We want to maintain our long-term commitment to helping every brand reach its email-driven goals.

Our pricing allows you to find the best subscription according to your needs.

We discontinued the credit-based email export options and the pre-configured fixed pricing plans. More on that later in this article.

No matter what your preferred feature set is, there is a set of core features included in every subscription:

  • Flexible email builder

  • A bulletproof email code generator

  • HTML email import

  • Unlimited email exports (code, pdf)

  • Unlimited test emails

  • World-class image delivery network (CDN)

  • Access to ready-to-use email templates gallery

  • Brand design/content variables

  • Merge tags

  • Custom fonts

  • First-class user support

  • Email design system service

Flexible Payment and Prorated Billing

You can change your plan's features and services at any date of the month and only be charged for the time you use the new plan, rather than the full month. Reach out in the support chat to speak about any changes to your plan.

If you want to change your billing information, simply log in to your workspace and access “Billing Information” in the drop-down menu. Note that only a workspace owner or admin can edit the billing information.

In the Billing Information, you will also find a downloadable invoice in PDF format, each month/year.

If you still have any questions, please allow us to help you. Contact our support team via the embedded messaging app or send us an email at

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