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How do I cancel my paid subscription?
How do I cancel my paid subscription?

Learn how to cancel your paid subscription

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You can cancel your paid subscription and switch to the free plan at any time under Settings/Billing.

By canceling the subscription, your account, and workspace will NOT be deleted immediately, your existing subscription will be alive until the end of the paid subscription cycle.

What will happen to the assets (emails, images, etc) I created with Chamaileon?

Your Chamaileon account, including the email editor, will remain accessible to you. Still, you will not be able to export emails, send test emails or share email previews after your paid subscription period ends, we call this Suspended state.

Until then you can export your emails as HTML/ZIP toward your monthly export/purchased credits (based on your plan). After the subscription period ends, you can only export your emails if you re-upgrade to a paid subscription plan.

To comply with GDPR standards and other privacy regulations we will delete all Suspended user accounts, workspaces, and their assets a year after their subscription ends. So that, customers have a year to re-subscribe without losing their assets.

What will happen with the user's access to Chamaileon after we cancel the subscription?

User access will be left unchanged until the paid subscription period ends.

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