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How to use the Workspace dashboard?
How to use the Workspace dashboard?

Chamaileon's workspace dashboard allows you to manage emails, email templates, user settings, billing, and subscription plans.

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In this article you can find all the relevant information about:

The Workspace dashboard

The dashboard helps you access all the main Chamaileon functions from one screen.

Video tutorial:

Here is a video tutorial video on how to navigate through the dashboard and how to use it:

Creating emails

We've added the option to choose from your workspace templates when creating a new email directly. 

Email card look & hover options:

  • You can directly View, Edit, Send Test and Export your emails when hovering on them. We've added the Duplicate and Delete buttons on the top of the card so you can access these functions easier.

  •  When you click on the right bottom menu, you will see other options such as: Move to, and Edit subject line/preview text.

  • Publish as a template toggle on/off (you can switch it on for emails which you want to use as a template):

Template switch off

Your email now can't be used as a template when creating new emails

Template switch on

Your email can be used as a template when creating new emails, and you can access it when clicking ''New Email'', then ''Select from workspace templates''.

Storing emails and how to find your previously stored emails

Workspace folder:

You have one main workspace folder where the emails that you previously created will be stored by default.

Please create a new folder by right-clicking on the menu next to it.

You can achieve a folder structure that mimics folders on your PC/Mac or any Cloud solution, making collaboration and organizing easier.

Project and/or team folders:

Folders are free to use, at any level or any number. Use them flexibly for your needs, for example, to separate teams, projects, departments, years, or anything that you use in your organization.

When you've created a new folder, you can create more sub-folders when right-clicking on the menu next to it. There are other options: Rename, Delete, and Move folder.

User settings

In the top right corner, you will find your user settings.

The options that you will find there are:

  • Personal info

  • Password change

  • Privacy policy

  • Thumbnail/avatar image

What is a Workspace in Chamaileon?

In Chamaileon, Workspace serves as a dedicated environment within the platform where users can efficiently collaborate, design, and manage their email templates.

A Workspace is meant to serve one brand (design system) at a time, while some of our customers use one workspace with their multi-brand organization to leverage a single design system for multiple brands. It is as flexible as everything else in Chamaileon.

Pricing/Billing is set to work on the Workspace level, so if you need multiple Workspaces for some reason, you'll need to set up payment for all separately.

This organizational feature is designed to enhance user experience and streamline workflow processes. Workspaces include functionalities that allow users to share templates, collaborate with team members, and maintain a structured approach to organizing their email design projects.

Workspace menu - Invite and manage members, billing, and settings:

Invite & manage members

How do I invite a member to my workspace?

In your workspace settings, Click “Invite Members” and enter a member’s email address to invite them to your organization.

There is also an option to create teams, for example, if you have multiple departments (marketing team, template designers team, etc.).


  •  Manage your subscription plan here

Workspace settings

  • Here you will find the general workspace settings

How do I transfer ownership of a workspace?

If you want to transfer ownership of your workspace and content, you can use our transfer ownership feature.

First, you need to make sure this person is already a member of this workspace. If he/she isn't, please check this article on how to invite a member to a workspace.

When that is done, you can go to the ''Workspace settings'' tab in the workspace menu.

Click ''Transfer ownership'' and choose the user to whom you want to transfer it.

Click ''Transfer ownership'' when you are ready. Viola! This person is now the owner of the workspace.

Create new workspace

  •  You can create and set up a new workspace here if needed. The new workspace will have separate billing, so use this only if needed. The common use cases for using multiple workspaces:

    • Multi-brand company where brands are not allowed to share design/templates.

    • Legal construction specifies separate campaign/template handling.

    • Agency working for multiple clients, all of them having a separate Workspace.

How to switch to another workspace?

To switch workspaces, select the menu.

At the bottom of the menu, the workspaces you are a member of will show up.

Click on the one where you want to switch to.

How to move emails from one workspace to another?

If you need to move emails between workspaces, there are two ways to do so.

Preferably, you should contact us via chat or email because this can be done by L2 (developer) support in the background. This is 100% error-proof copy-paste and if needed, we match the design system components and modules for you also.

Another way is to manually export the HTML code from one workspace, copy it, and then import the same HTML code to another workspace. This needs some manual work later on the imported email for you, and you need to match the design system settings also.

Here is how to do this:

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