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What do the subscription plans include? Plans, Discounts, Services, Offers
What do the subscription plans include? Plans, Discounts, Services, Offers

Discover the details of Chamaileon's plans and explore the range of services, offers, and discounts available to its customers.

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Starting in 2024, we offer flexible subscription plans for your new customers, that are tailored to their needs and not necessarily meant to be expensive, but rather, to be sure you do not pay for what you are not using.

What services does Chamaileon offer?

At Chamaileon, we understand how busy our users are with their jobs. That's why we offer services beyond our SaaS product to help speed things up.

Email template service

⚠️ ❌ Deprecated ❌

We have replaced email template services with email design systems and suggest using them instead.

Email design system setup service

This service will help overworked teams have an email design system for their brand(s).

It starts with a conversation to assess your needs and ongoing processes and check your email designs and assets together. Then, as part of the service, we will:

  • Review your templates & funnels

  • Revamp your email designs if needed

  • Build an email design system for your brand(s)

  • Onboard your team to your email design system and make suggestions for a quicker email creation workflow.

Email design system documentation

While an email design system can be utilized without documentation, its full potential is realized when accompanied by supporting documentation.

Extending and adjusting your email modules and particles is not that hard thanks to the drag-n-drop email builder but it takes learning and discovering - that takes time.

As a part of our service, we provide documentation to help you use and develop your email design system, ensuring that you won't need to rely on us or anyone else to expand your email module and asset library.


At Chamaileon, we understand how important it is to make sure your whole team is comfortable and competent with the platform and its features. That’s why we provide training that is tailored to the size of your team and the features and processes they use.

The Training Process

Our onboarding training is designed to ensure everyone on your team is up and running quickly. The length of the program will depend on both the size of your team and the features you need to use in order to effectively use the Chamaileon platform.

Training starts with an assessment call with a small group when we check your needs and set up a training plan for your scenario. Then we'll hold a session with everyone from your team to make sure everyone understands their goal, how they can reach it Chamaileon, and what makes the platform efficient for them.

Getting Started

We are here for you every step of the way. If your team is new to using Chamaileon, or if you need a refresher, our team is always ready to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any additional support or guidance while onboarding.


Currently, we have a few offers:

Annual plan offer - 2 months off

When you subscribe to an annual plan, you get a 2-month fee discount. (e.g., if the Premium plan costs $400, you pay 10*$400 = $4000 instead of $4800)

Case study offer - 25% off

If you take this offer, we ask extra questions about your current email marketing metrics and performance, then we run an extra interview with you after using Chamaileon for 3 months to see and track your progress.

This will be helpful for you as it will provide a starting point to compare with the progress made by Chamaileon. It will also motivate you to keep track of your own success. We record the interview and use it on our website as a case study. Don't worry we'll cut the recording to show your best moments only.

Both of these offers are combinable.


Feel free to reach out in the chat if you didn't find the answer to your question.

Do you have a discount for NGO-s or other organizations?

Discounts Chamaileon offers:

  • NGO discount: 25% off all prices

  • Education organizations' discount: 25% off all prices

If you would like this discount and you are a member of a non-profit or educational organization, please contact us via support so we can set up this plan for you.

Subscription Plans and included features before 2024

When subscribing to a paid Chamaileon plan, you can choose:

Standard Plan

  • 3 users included

  • $50 / extra user / month

  • Email & live chat support

Features included:

  • Access to the drag-n-drop email editor

  • Real-time collaboration

  • Organized email asset library

  • Shared email preview link

  • Review & approval workflow

Monthly Price: $300

Premium Plan

  • 5 users included

  • $50 / extra user / month

  • Email & live chat support

Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Access control

  • User roles & permissions

  • Design & content locking

An initial Email Design System setup service is included in the price for one brand/project, worth of $2k-$3k.

Monthly Price: $400

Scale Plan

  • 20 users included

  • $50 / extra user / month

  • Account manager

Everything in Premium, plus:

  • Tailored onboarding & training

  • Monthly consultation

Email Design System setup service with recorded documentation is included in the price.

Monthly Price: $1200

Enterprise Plan

  • Any number of users

  • Negotiable details

  • Custom integrations

  • Account manager

Everything in premium, plus:

  • Tailored on-boarding & training

  • EU / US data center


  • SLA

Price based on your needs and negotiated details.

How to subscribe/upgrade to a plan

If you want to upgrade your plan, go to Settings and then Billing in your Chamaileon account.

⚠️ If you had a trial that ended already, you may see under Billing, that "your plan" is Suspended. That's the trial plan and not your real plan. Just click "Subscribe now" and you'll see the list of available plans.

Feel free to reach out via chat if you have any other questions about pricing!

For more details about pricing, check our pricing page.

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