If you upload an image to our servers, we host it on the Amazon Web Services Content Delivery Network for best performance worldwide.

Currently, we offer unlimited image hosting for all of our users, but in the future, bandwidth-based charges will apply. 

If you add an image from URL to our gallery, we won’t upload the image to our servers, and it will stay hosted on the original servers. 

When you choose the Generate HTML option, you can copy-paste the email HTML from Chamaileon to any other system, and the images will remain hosted on our servers or on the original servers (if you added the images from URL). 

When you choose the ZIP export option the images will be included in the ZIP file with a local URL reference (src=/images/file-name.jpg). If you upload those images to a host, you only have to update the beginning of the URL with your host URL, like src="https://mydomain.com/images/file-name.jpg" for example. 

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