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Adding link parameters (UTM) to all links in an email
Adding link parameters (UTM) to all links in an email

You can easily add UTM parameters to all links in an email, making it easier to set up tracking of an email campaign

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Many brands use Google Analytics or a tracking tool alike to track email clicks. One of the best ways to track each campaign (and every link click within) is to set up UTM parameters for all of the links in an email campaign.

Google's official Campaign URL builder tool is a solid tool (I use it too) but it's always better to use built-in tools instead of copy-pasting back-and-forth.

Copy-pasting the pre-built URL is a bit tiresome and leads to errors easily. If you miss only one link, your campaign results are flawed instantly.

Set up UTM parameters in Chamaileon

In Chamaileon, you can easily set up UTM parameters for all links in an email. This function will append the given parameters after each link so you can't miss one.

You can reach the parameter builder when you export (or sync) and email out of Chamaileon, in the Advanced settings part.

Choose UTM parameters from the list.

First, you need to turn on UTM parameters.

Then you can add your campaign terms.

As you can see in the picture above, there is room for custom terms.

If you have any questions regarding this feature, reach out in the chat.

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