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How to integrate and sync my emails with Marketo?
How to integrate and sync my emails with Marketo?

Learn how to integrate and sync your emails with Marketo

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We just released our updated Marketo integration!

This is how you can integrate and sync your email with Marketo from now.

Set up Marketo integration when clicking on the Export or Sync.

Choose ''More''.

Click on ''Marketo'' to set up integration with Marketo.

To get the Client ID, Client Secret, Endpoint URL, and Identity URL, you have to log in to your Marketo account.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1. Create a Role in Marketo

Create a role for the integration: specific what kind of conditions Chamaileon will have in Marketo.

Go to ''Admin'' in Marketo.

Under ''Users & Roles'' click ''Roles''.

Then click ''New Role''.

Choose permission:

  • Read/Write Assets

  • Approve Assets

  • Access Experience Cloud Audience Sharing

Step 2. Create a User

Create a user in Marketo workspace and assign a role for it created in step 1 (with the Read/Write Assets permissions).

Click ''Users'' in the ''Users & Roles'' tab and then ''Invite New User''.

Add email, first name, last name and click next.

Step 3. Create a Custom Service

This will serve as the “link” between Marketo & Chamaileon.
Under integration click ''LaunchPoint'' and then ''New''.

You can name it for example ''Chamaileon integration''.

Step 4. Copy the “Client ID” and “Client Secret” Information

Under “View details” in Custom Service, find and copy your Client ID and Client Secret to Chamaileon.

Paste it in Chamaileon.

Step 5. Copy the “Endpoint” and “Identity” Information

Under “Rest API” in Custom Service, find and copy your Endpoint and Identity.

Step 6. Paste Your Information In Chamaileon

Paste your:

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

  • Endpoint

  • Identity

Step 7. Sync HTML Emails To Marketo in one click!

When you finish your email design, simply click on “Sync to...” and choose your Marketo integration. 

Now you can go to Marketo and your email will be in the "Marketing Activities" area (use area in your description), inside the Program you just chose. But your email must have a base template, and you can find that template in the ''Design studio'' area, inside "Emails/Templates/Chamaileon templates". (The template will always go to this particular folder, regardless of the Program you chose.) Make the sync for real, find out where your email and its base template landed, and swap the pictures with your new ones.

Let us know if you have more questions!

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