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How to integrate Chamaileon with MiniCRM?
How to integrate Chamaileon with MiniCRM?

Learn how to integrate Chamaileon with MiniCRM

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Here is how you can integrate Chamaileon with MiniCRM:
Go to your workspace menu and select ''Integrations''. Choose MiniCRM.

Connect to your MiniCRM account using an API key. Generate a key in MiniCRM at System settings and paste it below.

To create an API key, go to the Settings > System page and click on the Create new API key button. If you have already created a key, here you can generate a new one later or delete the existing one.

Make sure to generate it under the ''Chamaileon API key''.

Copy the generated API key.

Go back to Chamaileon and paste it.

When you go back to your email which you want to sync to MiniCRM, hover over the email card and click ''Sync to''.

Choose the MiniCRM integration, subject line, preview text, and the folder where you want your email template to appear to.

When you've done that, click ''Sync now''.

You can go to MiniCRM now and your email will appear in the folder which you chose.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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