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How to integrate Chamaileon with Pardot?
How to integrate Chamaileon with Pardot?

Learn how to integrate Chamaileon with Pardot

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Integrating with Pardot requires entering your Business Unit ID. You can find it by following the instructions below:

  1. Log into Salesforce using the same account you use to log into Pardot.

  2. Click on the Setup tab.

  3. Find the Pardot dropdown and click Pardot Account Setup.

  4. You may have multiple Pardot business units. Use the Business Unit ID of the one you want to connect with Chamaileon.

After you have the Business Unit ID, go to ''Integrations'' in the workspace menu in Chamaileon and choose Pardot:

Name your integration, set Business Unit ID, and click ''Auth with Pardot.

Go to the Chamaileon dashboard and click 'Export or Sync'' on the email you want to Sync, select the Pardot integration you created, and fill in the fields.

After synchronizing you can open the email in Pardot from the email card right below the email name:

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