Note: This feature is available only in the Enterprise plan.

Here is how you can integrate and sync email templates to Iterable.

First, under your workspace settings, click the ''Integration tab''.

Choose ''Iterable'' integration.

Under ''Integrations'' click API keys and then ''Create a new API key''.

Choose ''Standard'' and then click ''Create''.

Copy the API key you just created.

Paste it to Chamaileon and name your integration.

When you go back to your email dashboard, when hovering over the email you want to sync, choose ''Sync to''.

Choose your Iterable integration from the list, and add a subject line, preview text, and name of your template in Iterable.

Remember that your email template must contain Unsubscribe link. You can add it in the email with the {{unsubscribeUrl}}, {{hostedUnsubscribeUrl}}, {{unsubscribeMessageTypeUrl}}".

You can add it as a merge tag.

You will find your template under ''Templates'' in Iterable in the ''Content'' tab.

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