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Chamaileon is not an ESP or email testing/rendering solution.
Chamaileon is not an ESP or email testing/rendering solution.

We don't send emails at scale and won't show you how your emails look in various email clients.

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Chamaileon is definitely not...

  • an email service provider or marketing automation platform. It won't replace any existing mass email sending solution, instead it provides responsive email HTML code that works like a charm with most providers. 

  • an email testing and rendering solution. It won't show you how your email templates would look like in various email clients. If you want to be 100% sure about how your emails look in different email clients we advise you to use Litmus or Email on Acid.

    Although, we can ensure you that all the emails that you create using Chamaileon will render properly in most email clients. For the whole list of supported email clients, please check our email client compatibility page. 

Why didn't we built an ESP or marketing automation platform? 

We thought that there are already enough good or great solutions for both regular email campaigns and marketing automation too. 

What's missing is an independent email design platform, that works seamlessly with various providers and can help both beginners and experienced email designers to create stunning email designs without coding. 

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