How to assign user roles?

Learn how to use Chamaileon's user roles feature and how to assign roles to your team members.

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One of our collaborative features- ability to manage User Roles will enable you to assign different roles to members of your workspace.

You can add any member to your workspace, whether it's your email copywriter, your designer, your Marketing Team Manager, or even clients and external stakeholders.

Enable a user in your workspace to be Viewer, Viewer & Editor, or Admin.

It will especially be helpful if you have different project/client folders and members working on those projects in the same workspace.

To use this feature, click on the ''Invite and manage members'' tab in your workspace menu.

You can invite clients/colleagues that work with you on your emails to your workspace there and assign roles to them!

When clicking on the folder which you want your workspace members to see, you will share the emails in the folder with them. If you don't have any members in your workspace, firstly you will need to invite them to your workspace in the ''Invite and manage members tab in the workspace menu.

You can also change the user roles here and choose whether you want to assign users to all folders or not.

When that's done, you can change roles also in the dashboard by clicking the manage roles button.

  • Viewer- can view and send test emails

  • Contributor- can edit, export, and share emails

  • Editor - view, edit, send test emails, able to lock and unlock blocks

  • Admin- view, edit, send test emails, able to lock and unlock blocks, invite and manage members, can modify subscription settings

This is how ''Viewer'' access will look like:

Editor access:

Admin access:

Here is a short video:

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