We've received many feedback messages from our users that they have difficulties finding their emails in the old dashboard.

Previously, they could be stored in emails, projects, or templates.

Now you will be able to access all the main Chamaileon functions from one screen.

  1. Creating emails
  2. New email card look & hover options
  3. Storing new emails and how to find your previously made templates
  4. Workspace menu - Invite and manage members, billing, settings
  5. User settings

Video tutorial:

Here is a video tutorial video on how to navigate through the new dashboard and how to use it:

Creating emails

We've added the option to directly choose from your workspace templates when creating new email. You can reach them much faster now than before.

New email card look & hover options:

  • In the old dashboard you had the options to directly View, Edit, Send Test and Export your emails when hovering on them. We've added the Duplicate and Delete buttons on the top of the card so you can access these functions easier.
  •  When you click on the right bottom menu, you will see other options such as: Move to, and Edit subject line/preview text.
  • Publish as a template toggle on/off (you can switch it on for emails which you want to use as a template):

Template switch off

Your email now can't be used as a template when creating new emails

Template switch on

Your email can be used as a template when creating new emails, and you can access it when clicking ''New Email'', then ''Select from workspace templates''.

Storing emails and how to find your previously stored emails

Workspace folder:

  • Instead of having multiple tabs that you had in the old dashboard, your emails will be in the folders on the left side in the dashboard.
  • You will have one main workspace folder where the emails that you previously created will be stored. Create a new folder by right clicking on the menu next to it.

NOTE for organization account users:

  • Your personal account will be converted into a workspace. Your emails from the personal account can be found when clicking on the menu in the upper left corner and changing the workspace.

Projects and/or teams folder:

  • When you've created a new folder, you can create more more sub-folders when right clicking on the menu next to it. There are other options: Rename, Delete, Move folder.
  •  You will find your previously created projects or/and teams stored here.

Workspace menu - Invite and manage members, billing, settings:

Invite & manage members

  •  Invite members (colleagues or clients) to your workspace by sending them an invitation


  •  Manage your subscriptions plans here

Workspace settings

  • Here you will find the general workspace settings

Create new workspace

  •  You can make a new workspace here if needed

This is only available with a premium plan.

Note: If you had multiple organizations, under these options you will find your other organization accounts if you want to switch to another. Your other organizations will be separate Workspaces.

User settings

In the top right corner you will find your user settings.

The options that you will find there are:

  • Personal info
  • Password change
  • Privacy policy

Now you can start creating your emails in your workspace

Do you have more questions about the new workspace?

Please contact us via chat.

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