To change the background of your email, first ensure that the “Fullwidth” element is selected. To do this in Chamaileon old editor, ensure that you have selected “Fullwidth” from the breadcrumbs at the top of your email. (If you’ve just now opened your email template for editing and haven’t clicked on anything, then the “Fullwidth” element is already selected, but the breadcrumbs don’t show up until you click something — it’s ok.) Select the “Body” tab in the upper-right, just under the “Save” button. There you have the option to add a background color to your email, or you can add a background image. 

We recommend using patterns as a background image. Try avoid using huge background images, in order to reduce the weight of your email. Using the position and repeat options, you can decide how would you like your background pattern to be displayed. 

If you really need to add a single large image, always make sure to optimize its size. 

This is how you can do it in the new version of Chamaileon editor:

Click on the ''Body'' on the right side of the toolbox. In ''Element background'' change the background.

If you are not using Chamaileons' editor yet, you can register here for free and change the background of your email.

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