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How do I delete my account?
How do I delete my account?

How to delete your Chamaileon account and workspace data

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First of all, We are sorry to see you leave!

There are many cases when you need to delete your data before you just leave, and we encourage you to do this if you really think you don't want us to store your stuff (emails, image, email address, etc) anymore.

Be aware! Deleting your data means we erase it from our database, there is no way back.

When you cancel or discontinue your membership you might want to delete your data. Chamaileon fully complies with GDPR and we try our best to assist you doing so.

There are two different accounts you might need to delete: your workspace, where the work assets stored, and your personal account, which can be a member of multiple workspaces.

Deleting the Workspace

This deletes the workspace data only: folders, emails, templates, blocks, user roles & privilege settings, integrations, images, merge tags. These will be unavailable after you deleted your workspace, we cannot restore your data.

Steps to delete your workspace

  1. Log in to Chamaileon at

  2. You need the workspace owner's rights to do this. (if you are the only member of a workspace your are the owner)

  3. Navigate to the Workspace settings (hamburger menu at the top left-hand corner)

  4. Hit Delete workspace

Deleting personal account

Your personal account holds your email address, name, etc - often called personal data.

If you delete only this, your workspace (and work data, assets) will not be erased, but you will not be able to access it anymore.

Steps to delete your personal data

  1. Log in to Chamaileon

  2. Navigate to your user settings (profile image at the top right-hand corner)

  3. Decide about allowing us the receive test emails (if you choose not to, you might have issues if an associate of you want to send you a test email from Chamaileon)

  4. Hit Delete account (you might need to scroll to see the button)

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